About Me

Hey, I’m Sam!

I’m a Georgia girl living the island life in Puerto Rico with my husband, Cameron…

…and our pup, Daisy.

The Quick Facts

From 9-5, I manage social media for Sales Hacker.

From 5-9, I read books, play my guitar, watercolor paint, sing randomly, think about food, go looking for great food, and cook food. Hah.

My fav thing to do is spend time with people. I’m an extrovert (an ENTP or type 6 if you’re into that stuff). I ❤ good conversations.

Extra Facts

I’ve always enjoyed working.

I started my first job when I was 15, and I’ve had one ever since. I’ve always had so many interests, I never knew how to choose just one.

So I started trying all of them. Being homeschooled gave me the freedom of a flexible schedule and an independent, self-starter mindset to just do it.

To date, I’ve been a camp counselor for children on the spectrum, a receptionist, a private music instructor, an assistant property manager, and a social media manger.

I married my long-time best friend. Three months after getting married, his work moved us to Puerto Rico.

That’s when I decided I wanted to try remote work.

I used a Crash profile to help me standout in a sea of resumes. Only three weeks after launching my profile, I accepted a job offer from Sales Hacker. Here’s the pitch I sent them using Crash.

Now I’m learning as much as I can about social media marketing and content creation.

My mission is to learn it out loud, right here, and share it with you.

Other topics that you can expect from me: productivity, how to stand out and win a job quickly, and creating smart habits for success.

Let’s talk!