How to Consistently Generate New Ideas & Inspiration

We’ve all said the words, “I’ll do this tomorrow.”

Starting a new project is daunting. It’s easy to put it off just one more day.

Problem is, you’ll likely find yourself in the exact same predicament tomorrow.

But what if there was a way you could come back tomorrow and have new found inspiration?

Turns out, there’s a process for developing fresh ideas quickly.

It’s consistent. It’s repeatable.

Here’s how ya do it.

Start consuming relevant content immediately.

Anything that has to do with the project at hand: Read it, listen to it, watch it, take it all in.

It doesn’t matter how far out your deadline is, just start stuffing your brain with information.

Once your brain is full, the real work begins:

Forget about the project.

Do something else.

Go for a walk, do some yoga, sleep on it.

Your brain will subconsciously dig in to all of the content you’ve fed it and develop fresh ideas for you.

The key is giving your mind the tools it needs to do it up front.

Thanks to Dave Gerhardt for teaching me this inspiration hack on episode 23 of the Marketing Swipe File. (Go listen!)

So next time you’re tempted to put off that project AGAIN, be proactive and try out the steps above.

Trust me. The next time you sit down to the project, you have newfound inspiration.

What’s your best idea-generation habit? Let me know in the comments!