The Start of My Career Journey

I’ve always enjoyed working.

I started my first job when I was 15, and I’ve had one ever since. I had so many interests, I never knew how to choose just one.

So I started trying all of them. Being homeschooled gave me the freedom of a flexible schedule and an independent, self-starter mindset to just do it.

Now I’m documenting a bit of that journey, and some of the lessons I learned along the way.

My career journey began when I was 15, working as a camp counselor with children on the spectrum at Learning On the Log. During this first summer of work, I learned a lot about myself.

I love to help people in physical and creative ways. From finding unique conversation starters to engage a child who doesn’t prefer to talk, communicating through the act of PLAY and silly games, to developing musical strategies to get kids moving and interacting with each other, I was facing one of the most challenging yet rewarding summers. I learned how to cope with an emotionally taxing job, and discovered new ways to recharge and give my best self to the kids each and every day. For me, my best recharging methods were coming home and playing my guitar and free form writing.

Shortly after my incredible summer as a camp counselor, I became a receptionist at the National Christian Foundation. Not only did I answer a busy, multi-line phone system, sort and distribute mail to 100+ employees, stock and re-order items for the break-rooms, I was also contracted to help other departments as needed. This gave me a peek into the realm of many different types of jobs and opportunities. I helped coordinate staff events, I packaged and sent out high-volume mail, and I assisted both the Contributions and Financial teams enter new contacts and donor information into Customer Record Management Systems. I worked at NCF for nearly 3 years. It taught me office etiquette, responsibility, how to manage my time, and how to work independently without supervision.

While working at NCF, I began teaching private guitar and ukulele lessons in people’s homes. At the time, I didn’t imagine that someday I would teach private music lessons full time. Fast forward one year and I began working at  the super-duper-cool music studio, Donley’s Music. 

Playing alongside a talented student at her first gig!

I built my student base to 25+ students, teaching private guitar and ukulele lessons in the studio and in people’s homes. This job combined my love for helping people accomplish their goals & aspirations, and developing creative ways to engage them. 

I also became involved with the sales, administration, marketing and advertising of Donley’s Music. I talked to customers about the instruments and gadgets in the store, and made numerous sales in the process.

I managed Donley’ Music social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, and ran ads for specials and events. I discovered a new found enthusiasm for building a brand on social platforms. My enthusiasm doesn’t end here, and I will explain how this further impacted my career – but first:

Plot twist! I recently married and moved to Puerto Rico. Because of the move, I had to leave my teaching job of 3 years and wonderful students behind. Soon after moving, I began an Assistant Property Management role for Nabila Management Services, co-hosting 4 Airbnb properties. This job included the front-end duties of preparing for check-ins and meeting the clients upon arrival, being their main point of contact during their vacation, and consulting with potential clients to assess their needs. It also included back-end work such as writing emails, making phone calls, responding to Airbnb inquiries, creating quotes and invoices in Quickbooks, and more. My favorite part of working for Nabila Management Services was managing the social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. I put my photography skills to the test and posted on a regular basis, and ran periodic ads. In just 2 months, Nabila Management Service’s following more than doubled!

It is thrilling to watch numbers grow, and to gain real interactions and engagements with people through social media. I have started researching and learning more about social media and marketing, and I will continue to do so.

I am currently seeking job opportunities in marketing, where I can put my drive and creativity to work in a professional environment. This journey isn’t over yet – and I’d love to be apart of yours.

Let’s talk and I will show you the value that I can add to your awesome business!

Maybe you’re just looking for a new friend? I adore those.

Contact me today.