There’s Always Room At the Top

Have you ever wanted to start something and then never did? Maybe it’s because you thought you weren’t good enough, or you were afraid of messing up. Maybe you were afraid you’d never follow through or finish.

All of us are plagued with different fears that tell us to stop – to quit before we’ve even began.

One of my favorite creatives, Beth Kirby, addresses many of these challenges in her podcast The Big Fears That Hold Creatives Back (and How To Overcome Them). She gives helpful tips on how to confront these fears and take the first step. Here are just a few encouraging tips that resonated with me:

  • There’s always room at the top. (And nobody started there).
  • Don’t compare your 1st year to someone’s 10th year.
  • No one has the unique combination of skills that you have. Sure, there are a lot of creative people, but no one is you.

The reality is, not everyone will love the content you produce or the product you sell. But that’s ok. Because if you create something that’s everyone likes, nobody will love it.

So be you. And take that first step.